Ciao is said to be a paid to review site.Actualy i am a member of teh site since July, but I did not try to even be active in the since I am not sure if the site is really paying. September came, and a lot of members of mylot posted a discussion about Ciao taht they have received their payment. So what i did is try the site, they might saying the truth. They used to pay 1 dollar per review and get bonuses when someone has rated your reviews. On my first month, I was able to make 30 reviews. Since they pay every 15th of the month,I expect payment last october 15, and luckily got $45.51 on my first month. With that good result, I decided to continue and make more reviews. Yesterday, i got my second payment, and its amounting to $68.92. I was really happy and contented with the site even they have change their offer from $1 per review to 25 cents for review. I will still continue making reviews. I highly recommend this site to all of you.

My Second Payment From CIAO

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Last month I just made an article regarding the payment of Ciao amounting to 45 dollars. Today I have receive another payment from them amounting to $69.92. This is the product of the 55 reviews that I have made in the site. I really love teh site. It is actually owned by Microsoft. I am just sad right now because they just have ended the promotion for $1 dollar per review, they only pay now 25 cents per review. But anyway not bad. My earnings are already good, I don't have the right to attached my proof of payment here.

Searching for a best site online is really hard, we really do not know who to trust since many are scams online. I have been online for 3 months and I have joined different sites without even checking if the site is legitimate or not. I think 3/ 4 of those sites that I have joined turned to scam. Now I have realized and study all the sites that I am joining now. With this, I found a very good site that really pays. It is actually a paid to review site. You get 1 dollar for every review that you make and you get bonuses when someone has rated and commented to your review.Actually I am just new to the site, I have made around 122 reviews. I was able to get $45.51 on my first month. On my second month, I am expecting around 60 dollars in my account. I have attached my proof of payment here. If you want to know more about the site, feel free to contact me.

A best to paid to click sites. The minimum pay out is just for only $9.Once you have requested for payments, they pay 40 days from the day of request. But they really pay. I love this site. They pay through paypal and alertpay.

Cashmybux is one of the best sites in all bux sites. I have requested already for my payment to this site. I am just waiting it to be send it to my paypal account.

Clixncash has the low minimum payout of all ptc sites. For alertpay, their minimum pay out is $1.02 and for paypal, they pay $.50, I have requested for payments for this site so many times.

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Trusturbux is a great site. It has a $3 for paypal and $5 for alertpay minimum pay out.At TrustUrBux, you get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money. You can earn even more by referring friends. You'll get paid up to $0.01 for each website you personally view and $0.004 (thats 40%) for each website your referrals view.