First Major Conference of Filipino Mylotters

After three long years being a member of mylot,I decided to organize an event for Filipino and non filipino mylotters that is here in the Philippines.Actually,The purpose of the event is to build camaraderie and harmonious relationship among Filipino mylot members. Actually,to organize event like this is not as easy as eating peanut.Time,effort and money are really needed.This is the first time that I organized a big event in my life. The feeling is a combination of excitement and nervousness.Excitement because I would be meeting mylot members from different places here in the Philippines.And nervousness because the event might not be successful.


Preparation for the event took me three days.My three days vacation leave was spent on this event.On the first day,I posted discussion for the said event.So sad that only few responded on it and the responses are negative. Most of them are not available on the said schedule and the location is not accessible to them.I was really disappointed.I felt like not pursuing the event.But I was motivated by my friends in the site and they promise that they will support me.

On the second day, I went out of my house to look for souvenirs. My choices are key chain (with mylot logo),mug(with "i love mylot" mark on it) or a t-shirt(with "i love mylot printed on it").While searching for the souvenir, I received a text message from Honey(babycatch013),informing me that she prepared a souvenir for the event and it's a keychain with mylot logo and Phil flag logo on the reversed site mark on it.So my only option now is a T-shirt or a mug.I saw a store that personalize T-shirt. I was informed that it would cost me 300 pesos or around seven dollars each for a total package,which is not practical. After five hours of searching,i came across a store that personalize mugs. It cost 50 pesos for the mug and 15 pesos for the box or around 2 dollars each.So I decided to choose mug as the souvenir,aside from from being cheaper, it can also be use while mylotting.

On the last day of preparation,I visited the site and checked how many members are coming to the event. I also sent personal messages to convince other members to be part of the event.In the afternoon,i went back to the store to pick up the finished products.

Myles, Me and Honey

Finally, the big day has come.The long wait is over.I woke up early and texted
everyone and reminded them of them of the event.The call time is one in the afternoon at Mall of Asia.Thirty minutes before the call time,i am already at the meeting place.All of them are on their way. After thirty minutes of waiting.a stranger(sorry Letranknight25)approached me and called me on my username name in mylot. I was really curious who was this guy since I don't have any idea on the physical appearance of all attendees except for Jane,Honey and Neil since we have met before during our visit to Zayzay at Saint Lukes Hospital.As he introduced himself,I found out that he was Letranknight25(Ryan).Actually,he was the member who is not sure if he will be coming or not.But he was the early bird to come.We have some talk while waiting for the others,until he decided to go to Watson first to buy something.

from left:Me,Letranknight25,pogi253,neildc,Patty and Zayzay

I am alone again.Looking at my cellphone and waiting for a call or a text message from the attendees. It was quarter to two when another guy approached me,and it was Percy(pogi253).We also have some talk.After a few minutes,Neil(neildc)arrived.With him is his wife(Sister Patty)and their son Zayzay.I know all of you are already familiar with Zayzay. I introduced them to one another.We are just like in mylot because we used to barge in in every discussions.

from left: me,Letranknight25,pogi253,bhabycatch013,Patty and Zayzay

After an hour the three ladies arrived.Honey(bhabycatch013)came from Pasig. Jane came from her work (Quezon Avenue) and Myles came straightly from Batangas.I introduced the three of them to other attendees and we took some pictures for the remembrance.Here are some of the pictures :

Myles(mylesnarvaez) grand entrance.She was second to the last attendee to arrive because she came from Batangas.Shaking her hands with other attendees.

Honey (bhabycatch013)on her full blue attire.not to mention,her fingernails is also blue.hehehe

On Our Way to Super Bowl

Super Bowl (Venue of the Event)

After picture taking we decided to have the conference at Super Bowl Branch in Mall of Asia.Crews of the restaurant assisted and served us with a smile on their faces.The conference started with a prayer led by Honey(bhabycatch013).Let me give you a short backgroud of the attendees of the event:

Mylotters from left to right:

Ryan, Myles, Jane, Honey, Syd, Pat, Little Zayzay, Percy and Neil.

Ryan, aka letranknight26, hails from Cavite. He’s one dedicated poster amongst the Filipino crowd that has truly earned in the site and became a top poster. He wears the shades claiming he just got out of the caves especially for this event.

Myles, from Batangas, is mylesnarvaez in mylot. She is currently a freelancer involved in network marketing business. Partly inactive, but many claims her posts are novelettes because of the length.

Jane is from Taguig. A sister and a mom to mylot friends, she is Jaiho2009 in the site. Another active mylotter who is also hyperactive in real life as a call center agent with many side businesses in order to keep the lifestyle of her 11 dogs.

Honey, aka bhabycatch013 is from Pasig City. Their family is into junkshops and they actually own 3. She’s a bubbly person that has kept the group entertained being the event advisor to rberon1985.

Syd of Pasay City is the well-known rberon1985 in the site. He’s a call center agent who likes to keep busy thus volunteered to organize the mylot meet-up. A busy-body to the last minute, he’s the point person to the next schedules as well.

Pat, the superwoman in Neil’s life, is supermom to Zayzay. Along with Neil (rightmost guy), their family hails from Cebu but currently stayed in Bulacan during the tests and surgery of Zayzay who was diagnosed for sleep apnea.

Neil, known as neildc, is a blogger and a freelance online earner.

Lastly, Percy (second from right) from Quezon City has been in the force for 6 years until he decided to become a freelancer. He’s pogi253 in mylot and seriously into money making schemes online.

to be continued...more revelations and more happy moments...

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