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Working online is not as easy as eating peanuts. You should be wise and intelligent enough before joining a particular site. Yes, I believe there are lots of sites that you can be a part of. There are paid to click sites, paid to post sites, paid to read sites, etc. But very few of them are legitimate. So it is important to be very careful.

Last year, one of my friends online introduced to me one particular site. It was a paid to post site. At first, I was really doubtful with the site. But just like the popular saying, "there's no harm in trying", I tried working in the site for one week. I find out however, that earnings were very slow. So I decided to stop. After a couple of weeks, I have seen a lot of write-ups about the mentioned site. So I decided to go back again hoping that I will also earn. I have talked to those members and asked them some techniques on how will I increase my earnings. I was amazed because I have seen their willingness to help other members.

I know many of you are curious on what site I am talking about. Are you guys familiar with mylot? I know many of you knew the site. For those who do not know yet, it is a paid to post site. It will give you a chance or an opportunity to express your feelings and ideas on different topics. In addition, you will also be meeting people from differents walks of life not only in your area but also from other countries.

How Will I Earn??

First, of course all you have to do is to sign up in the site. Here is the link so that you can sign up to .After signing up, you can now start writing different topics that interest you. It should at least compose of 7 to 10 lines for you to have a good earnings. You should post at least 30 to 50 topics per day. And I am sure by the end of the month, you will be meeting their minimum pay out amounting to $10. It will go directly into you paypal acccount. Just to remind you, for you not be banned in the site,avoid posting referral links and pornographic images.

Now, they have offered a new feature. It is the mylot task. Everyday, they will send you different task. You will be given specific offer in each task. This will be a great help for you to meet the minimum pay out per month. If you think, you can do the task, go for it.

I can assure that that the site is legitimate. I have earned thrice in the site. If you have some concerns with the site, just let me know. Or you can post your comments here.

Hello everyone!!It's been a long time that I was not able to update my blog. I have been very busy for quite sometime. I just want to share to you another best site that I have discovered. I regitered with the site last September 2008 but never been active wuth the said site since I don't know how does the site works. October came, when one member of a paid to post site, post a discussion about this site. He mentioned that he had been paid by the site. So I decided to visit the site and try my best to understand how does the site really work. It took me two days, to be familiar with the site. Not to forget, I am talking of Platinum Lounge. It is a paid to post site. It pays twice a month through paypal. There are lots of contests where you can join. Basically, you earn points in the site.Those points that you have earned has corresponding ranking. Those ranking has corresponding amount. It is very easy to earn in the site. You just have to be industrious in posting. Number of points vary from time to time. As what is written in the site,they give big points during weekends.I really appreciate the site. They are really legitimate. Let me share to you some proof of payments from the site.